::  PLAIN MOUNTAINS DOMESTIC APPLIANCES AND SPARES, S.L., it is a company specializing in the sale of domestic appliances of occasion in Malaga, which is provided with a team of expert mechanics to satisfy the needs of his clients.

 ::  Endorsing 16 years of experience to us in this field, we have gone extending it, including such services like the sale of new domestic appliances and spares, always offering a good service and an entire guarantee in our products.

 :: Thus we have managed to include the whole domestic appliances field putting to his scope the possibility of solving any problem that appears from the sale up to the repair.





We devote ourselves to the sale of domestic appliances with some esthetic mistake, offering him this way a new domestic appliance at the best price.






We arrange of a big freezers variety RECEPTACLE


We sell and install air conditioning







We have washers and refrigerators from 100


In our washers we make the following components new: gum door, bearings, reserves, gum of entry and water exit, etc...







we offer spares of all the marks


We all offer type of spares for domestic appliances, most of which are original.








We offer service to domicile of all the marks. Tel: 952 35 78 80






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